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EEG Spectrum

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The following pages show the EEG of two Vantage Quest users.  These measurements were made at the Mennenger Clinic in 1994.

Subject 208 is a first time user while 209 is this researcher with many hours using Vantage Quest. Both subjects experience similar changes in the increase in theta wave production around 15 min, and the characteristic alpha/theta crossover associated with the production of dream like imagery .  However, 209 continues to have much higher beta production throughout.  This is likely due to the fact that I was thinking about the EEG as the measurements were made.  Both subjects reported vivid hypnagogic like imagery.  Though not well shown in these measurements, harmonic organization can be observed in the spectrum around 3.4, 6.8, and 13.75 Hz. as the subjects relax and entrain with the sound. 

The audio signal stops at 30 min.  The increases shown in the chart after that are artifacts generated as the equipment is being removed.

208    208a.htm    209.htm    209a.htm

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