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R.Lee Steele

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A Note from the Artist

High End Audio opened an amazing doorway into music for me and developed my insight into sound through this sonic microscope.  It was the prelude to becoming a recording engineer where I learned more about bringing musical ideas into form by maximizing the technical capacity available.  My love of music started as a child though.  Encouraged by my parents, I was so fortunate to be born with an open heart and music was an integral part of life always playing in our home.  We listened to a very diverse range of music and I desired to play an instrument starting briefly with the Cello.  That didn’t last long.  One day I noticed a small keyboard in an organ store with buttons designating different instruments and I knew that was going somewhere.  I took up Piano enjoying the lessons, but spending half my practice time making up music.  With an upright from my Mother, and a synthesizer and sound module from my Dad, I learned to convey complex concepts and found my outlet for creating music.  I also spent much of my time in the woods where my senses were nurtured by the elements.  I met water at just a few months of age and became an avid swimmer. I built campfires almost every day for years. I listened to melodies carried on the wind and inhaled the rich aromas of earth.  Recently, new doors have opened to “what may be” and I have seen the beauty of existence. We ALL are the path. Along the way we learn much of who we are.  With light we can awaken to ourselves and realize balance, harmony and inner peace.  Now this journey brings us together with my gratitude.  My gift is Alabaster Light.  May light seed the truths along your way.


R.Lee Steele

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