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VQ Sound Sample

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Vantage Quest Sound Sample

Click Here for a Real Audio Demo of Vantage Quest VI

Thank you for your interest in our product.  We know you are curious about what it sounds like so we have provided 2 stereo sound samples from Vantage Quest VI.  They require Real Player to listen. Vantage Quest starts with a gentle vocal relaxation out of which the Harmonic Matrix emerges. The sound clip here is 30 seconds from the middle of the track and demonstrates the harmonic sound.  For a longer sample (and download), choose the 2 Min. Demo.

Please note:

  • Vantage Quest is intended for use with headphones.  You can not fully experience its effects here.

  • This media can not adequately reproduce the complex harmonics and intensity of the sound. You will hear some distortion that is not part of the recorded track.

  • The quality you hear will be affected by internet traffic and connections, and the quality of your system.

All our products may be purchased in our secure Vantage Quest Store using your credit card or PayPal.

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