Why would you use Vantage Quest?

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The deep focused calm (or reverie), that Vantage Quest induces may be helpful to you in several ways.  The key to these diverse applications is a quite mind that can attune to the wisdom, and wishes, of both body and spirit.  Thus a more holistic state is achieved in mind-body-spirit. The instructions for use should be followed for all applications of Vantage Quest. Listed to the right are a few ways you might specifically apply the process.  You will likely discover more of your own.

"How can one CD change anyone's life that listens to it? How can one CD make the world of difference between success and failure? One simple CD that has the ability to change your thought patterns and emotional balance towards a positive manner. Vantage Quest VI does all this, more than your average music CD it is a workshop, a personal growth tool and inner creativity developer. When you gain the desired mind set, you can begin to journey deep down within your psyche with Vantage Quest VI and heal areas in your life from physical health to spiritual gain.  The voice over instructional sides to this CD is relaxing and great for beginners or those who want a different angle on the ways which the individual is accustom to.
Those who have the gist of how to utilize this CD, they can go straight to the
sounds' section and indulge the subconscious mind to bring out the best in the conscious mind and physical body. Vantage Quest VI is worth more than its weight in gold."

Review by Melanie Vilnis
Ground Zero TV, Australia

This page last recreated
March 11, 2011



Vantage Quest quickly evokes deep relaxation states for everyone. It is the first step to reaching its other benefits. Simply close your eyes and let yourself drift off into the ocean of sound.  Listen to a tone, then go deeper into the sound and listen to the tone behind that one and so on.  Let the tones resonate through your entire body washing tensions and worries away.

For a brief respite anytime during a busy day, use Track #1 seated in a comfortable chair at home or in the office.  You'll spring back refreshed and ready to go.

Use Track #2 while lying down at bedtime with your CD player programmed  to repeat the track as long as your wish. You'll have a great nights rest with vivid dreams.

Interestingly, many women have reported highly sensual experiences while listening to the CD including spontaneous orgasm.  We have no explanation, nor do we guarantee this release and profound relaxation will happen for every woman. We mention it here so no one is surprised.


Vantage Quest helps access creativity that may astonish you.  It works by stilling the mind and allowing material to enter the field of awareness from the subconscious and transpersonal realms of consciousness.

Somewhat like priming a pump, you visualize (or sense) a mental symbol of your creative task. Something simple that represents what you are trying to create. As you listen to Vantage Quest hold that image in your mind and let it be carried off by the tones. Then pay attention to the symbols, images, and thoughts that enter your mind while you are listening and especially afterwards. Your dreams may also become very vivid. Pay attention to the subtle insights that come. Write them down even if they don't seem to relate to your creative task and watch what develops.


Vantage Quest is a "doorway without dogma." No specific spiritual creeds are used or implied on the CDs though once you pass through the doorway you step closer to the worlds often discovered in spiritual practices. Enter this domain as you would with your personal spiritual practice, with reverence and positive intent. VQ's Harmonic Matrix allows you to still your mind quickly and pursue your meditation, prayer, or other spiritual endeavors. It does not impose a new belief system.


Sports psychology is intended to help you achieve peak performance in your athletic endeavor. The deep focused state evoked by Vantage Quest is a useful complement as you visualize the steps to successfully complete your routine.

To use Vantage Quest in this way:

  1. Listen to Track #1 as instructed. Make the "symbol" referred to in the guided imagery at the start of the track represent your peak performance.  Then, let that symbol drift away on the ocean of tones and let yourself completely relax.

  2. When you feel relaxed begin mentally rehearsing each step your will perform to complete your goal.  See yourself execute each action with smooth, effortless precision in your minds eye.  Repeat this rehearsal process as needed to the end of the track.

  3. At the end of the recorded track, recall the symbol you formed earlier and, in your imagination, put it on as if your were putting on your cloths and come back into your normal awareness.

  4. When you go into competition simply remember the tones in your mind as you briefly run through the rehearsal again in your mind.

Fitness and Strength Training

Use Track #2 and simply relax into the tones as you begin your workout.

  1. Turn your attention to the muscle group or body system your are exercising.

  2. In your imagination, see the bloodstream washing through the area  filled with revitalizing nutrients and oxygen.

  3. See the nerves stimulating the area like electrical wires surging with abundant energy.

The Track is 27 min. long which will give you a thorough workout.

Whether you're trying to stay motivated in your personal fitness routine, or Going for Gold in high level competition, Vantage Quest will help you coordinate your mind, body, and spirit to improve your performance.


Vantage Quest is not a substitute for responsible medical treatment. However it is a useful complement to medical care. Research in psychoneuroimmunology shows that imagery aids the healing process. The sound of VQ can further vivify the healing process by inducing mental states rich in imagery that can be positively directed toward the healing area.

Vantage Quest is ideal for clinical and individual healing work. It is applicable in psychotherapy for its relaxing quality, its assistance in memory recall, and its non-threatening format that allows therapeutic intervention.

Sound therapists will find it a powerful addition to any psychoacoustic delivery system. VQ's Harmonic Matrix is also a useful adjunct for individuals working with Toning as they liberate their own voice.


The Harmonic Matrix is a very conducive sound making it a potent induction for hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis. Track #2 may be used in concord with other clinical practices to facilitate deep trance states. If you wish to work on various issues through self-hypnosis use Track #2 along with a briefly stated self-suggestion. Your suggestion should be a positive statement phrased in as few words as possible. Then repeat -- chant -- the phrase vocally in a soft voice, or in your mind, while immersing yourself in the lush VQ sound field.


Vantage Quest often stimulates powerful and surprising memories. These may be very pleasant. Sometimes though it evokes unresolved issues that you need to work on. Talk about these memories with a close friend, or your personal therapist. You might also use Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) along with Vantage Quest to reprogram the effects these memories have produced in your life. Keeping a journal of your memories and experiences using VQ will provide you with a rich opportunity for personal growth. After all, YOU are your most important creative project.

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