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Submitting your article

Thoughts Beneath The Trees is provided at no charge as an information resource to our visitors.  Our clear intention is to explore the boundaries between science and spirituality, and stimulate new ways to view creativity in the world around us.  The site is solely supported by sales of Vantage Quest CDs.  

What's in it for you.

bullet"Trees" is visited by hundreds of viewers each week making it an excellent venue for expression. Your ideas will be viewed, read and considered by some of the finest minds on the planet.
bulletYou will retain all rights to your work and are free to publish and distribute it elsewhere.
bulletWe will post your name and contact information as author/artist, or creator.
bulletWe'll give you a free copy of Vantage Quest to acknowledge your hard work, and our sincere thanks for your contribution.

What's in it for us.

bulletWe get to learn from you as do others who read your article.
bulletWe get an irrevocable right to publish your article on this website. (You may use it anywhere else as mentioned above, and we will not sell copies of your work.)
bulletWe get the right to promote your article as part of this site in any search engines and directories or other media.
bulletWe get the right to format the article's style to fit this collection.
bulletWe get the satisfaction of helping creative minds grow and connect with others.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Copyright your work before you submit it to us.
  2. Articles must be well written.  Academic style is preferred but popular works with references and a logical thesis will be considered.
  3. Subjects accepted:  Creativity, Transpersonal Psychology, New Science, Deep Ecology, Holism, Systems Theory, Spirituality. We will also accept, poetry in the above areas and inspirational digital art.
  4. Use a word processor and save your article in plain text format.
  5. Proof Read, Proof Read, Proof Read.
  6. Write a summary paragraph.
  7. Send your final submission as an attached document to us via email.  Be sure to include all graphics and photos if they are part of your writing.

Your Name:

Email Address:

Summary Paragraph:

By submitting your work you agree to the above conditions.


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