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Vantage Quest results from several years of thought, personal exploration, and research.  This page is a personal historical narrative of who we have been, and who we are now as a company.


The Beginnings:

Carlisle Bergquist and Steve Livingston met in Hermosa Beach, CA in 1970.  Carlisle was a songwriter and performing artist, Steve a Music Editor and composer working on several television shows.  Both had an interest extending human potential, altered states of consciousness, and mysticism.  They begin conversations about the effects of music on human consciousness and how it could be used more effectively.  A central topic of discussion was using light "like music" in synchronization with sound frequencies.  The initial design was for a device that could be played in key along with other musical instruments to fill an auditorium with potent colored light.  This was long before the advent of the contemporary light/sound devices available today to consumers.  Unfortunately the cost was so great with the technology available at the time, it could not be constructed.

The Evolution:

Through the 70s Carlisle and Steve worked on various creative projects.  Steve continued editing music for television and film, while Carlisle continued to write, perform, and became a partner in The Silvery Moon Studios and SuiteWinds Productions companies. During this time, Carlisle studied the text of spiritual traditions, developed a meditation practice, and explored many of the positive esoteric traditions until in the 80s he decided to return to graduate school in the field of Transpersonal Psychology which would allow him to deepen his knowledge in an academic setting and find a means to put it into service. He is now a licensed therapist with many years of experience.  

Steve remained in Hollywood sharpening his skills and is highly regarded in the television and film industry for his work with music and sound.  He developed a friendship, and close working relationship with Angel Balestier owner Group VI Recording and ALB Productions.

The Result:

In 1992 Carlisle and Steve begin discussing the idea of light sound and the brain again while sitting in the guesthouse at SkyWalker Ranch in Northern Calif. where Steve was working on a film.  Carlisle was doing preliminary work on an idea for polyphonic biofeedback and in the course of the conversation, Vantage Quest was born. Instead of biofeedback, Vantage Quest would use polyphonic sound as an auditory driver to, in essence, be "bio-feedforward." The rest of the story was hundred of hours in Angel's studio as they developed the method of converting sound signals down to the EEG frequencies and, solved the technical problems of recording and mixing such a complicated signal.

Carlisle now continues Vantage Quest alone, grateful for the input of Steve and Angel.  We hope you enjoy the results of all their work.

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March 20, 2010

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